Race Night

12 Feb 26 Feb
12 Mar 26 Mar
Events 100 Breast or Fly 50 Breast or Fly 50 Fly or Back 100 Fly or Back
50 Breast or Free 100 Back or Fly 100 Free or IM 50 Fly or Breast
25 Free or Back 25 Breast or Fly 25 Back or Fly 100 Free or IM
100 Free or Back 50 Free or Back 100 Fly or Breast 25 Free or Back
50 Fly or Back 100 Breast or IM 50 Breast or Free 50 Back or Free
Officials Roster
Referee Talbot Talbot Talbot Ashley
Starter Crowe Thorpe Crowe Thorpe
Marshall Yates Yates Yates Yates
Recorders Ashley Ashley Ashley Yates

Please note:

  • Race nights are for all swim club members

  • Race night commences at 7.00pm

  • Parental support for timekeepers and runners is needed for racing to proceed. We need 20 parents volunteering for these positions each race night

  • All squad parents are expected to take their turn and support HPK Race Nights as they are a part of squad training.

  • Scheduled races are subject to change - please confirm on race night.

  • PB ribbon races are highlighted in red.

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