What is RSS?


RSS is a FREE, time-saving way of monitoring news on subjects or organisations of your choice or, you can monitor news by more general sections such as NZ National news.

Rather than browse or search the club website for new content, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and we will send you the news!

When new content or club messages are published, they will be delivered to your RSS reader and be available for you to view whenever you want.

RSS feeds contain a headline, summary and a link back to the full story. RSS feeds can be set up to a number of sites eg HPK swim club, NZ herald, CNN, etc

To view RSS headlines:

  • You need to have an RSS reader. You can download a dedicated desktop reader or use a web-based reader that does not require a software download or installation. Links to some RSS readers are below. If you click on the RSS link without a reader you will simply open a page with xml code - yuk. Microsoft IE 7 includes an RSS reader but this does not automatically provide a pop up to inform you that new information is available

  • Click here for details on how to set up FeedReader for the HPK Swim Club site.


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